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Alex Jones – 2018-May-14, Monday

Alex Jones Show Podcast and Live Stream

Monday, May 14th: Holy Land Happenings  – Trump keeps his promise in moving America’s embassy to Jerusalem while receiving praise from Netanyahu. Nearby, IDF thwarts an attempted terror attack on the Gaza Border. Joining today’s show in-studio is author and provocateur Milo Yiannopoulos sharing his insight on American politics. Also, Omar Navarro, the candidate for California’s 43rd Congressional District who’s … Read more

Alex Jones – 2018-Feb-23, Friday

Alex Jones Show Podcast and Live Stream

Friday, Feb. 23rd – The President at CPAC – Trump’s powerful CPAC address lays the framework for a GOP victory in 2018 by defending the 2nd Amendment and advocating for strong borders. Also, CNN reportedly told FL shooting survivor to “stick to the script” during their town hall! Joining the show is Paul Joseph Watson to discuss CNN lobbying YouTube to … Read more

Alex Jones – 2018-Feb-21, Wednesday

Alex Jones Show Podcast and Live Stream

Wednesday, Feb. 21st – 2nd Amendment Under Fire – The establishment is pushing for gun control harder than ever in the wake of the Parkland, Florida school shooting. President Trump has even called for strengthened background checks, another look into the legality of bump stocks and possibly more. Also, Christian evangelist Rev. Billy Graham has passed away at age 99. Guest … Read more