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Alex Jones – 2018-Jul-19, Thursday

Alex Jones Show Podcast and Live Stream

Thursday, July 19th: Deep State Draining – President Trump put the embedded deep state and intelligence community elite on notice after his summit with Russian President Putin. Trump solidified his position by revealing his anticipation for a second meeting while adding the “Fake News Media” wants confrontation and even war with Russia. Also, the White House released … Read more

Alex Jones – 2018-Jan-10, Wednesday

Alex Jones Show Podcast and Live Stream

Wednesday, Jan. 10th: Trump to deal on DACA? – The president continues to strive for a deal-making approach to Washington policy-making. In addition, California’s mudslide tragedy claims lives. Also, we have Don Teague, owner of Private Sector Arms and star of the viral video showing a clash between him and a feral SJW, discuss his bizarre encounter. Also … Read more

Alex Jones – 2017-Jul-21, Friday

Alex Jones Show Podcast and Live Stream

Friday, July 21: Mueller’s Fishing Expedition – Special Counsel Robert Mueller digs deep for any smidgen of Trump-Russia dirt. Meanwhile, Trump chief strategist Steve Bannon faces uncertainty, as President Trump reportedly considers another staff shake-up. And documents show former President Obama had troops on standby for possible martial law on Election Day. On today’s show, philosopher Stefan Molyneux gives … Read more