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Alex Jones – 2018-Oct-02, Tuesday

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Tuesday October 02, 2018 The federal debt rose over a trillion dollars this fiscal year, making the total now over $21 trillion. This gain marks the eighth fiscal year out of the last eleven in which the debt increased by at least one trillion dollars. Also, tensions with China escalated after a U.S. Navy ship barely … Read more Alex Jones – 2018-Oct-02, Tuesday

Alex Jones – 2015-Oct-27, Tuesday

On the Tuesday, October 27 broadcast of the Alex Jones Show, an editorial in the Global Times asserts China is “not frightened to fight a war with the USâ€� after a US warship neared the South China Sea. Presidential hopeful Rand Paul also refuses to back down, insisting that he is the only true fiscal … Read more Alex Jones – 2015-Oct-27, Tuesday

Alex Jones – 2015-Jun-01, Monday

On the Monday, June 1 broadcast of the Alex Jones Show, presidential hopeful Rand Paul and a handful of other senators successfully block renewal of the Patriot Act’s NSA domestic phone surveillance program. And Chinese state media entertains the possibility of a war with the US over the South China Sea dispute. On today’s show, … Read more Alex Jones – 2015-Jun-01, Monday