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Ted Nugent


Alex Jones – 2018-Nov-22, Thursday

Thursday, November 22nd: Happy Thanksgiving! – Travel safe and enjoy the company of friends and family on this special day. Today’s holiday rebroadcast includes never before seen Alex Jones footage and highlights from rock legend and NRA board member Ted Nugent. Also, combat vet and political analyst Joe Biggs calls out leftists’ double standards in media and in Washington. Furthermore,

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Alex Jones Show Podcast and Live Stream

Alex Jones – 2018-Nov-05, Monday

Monday, November 5th: Midterm Election Marathon – Plug into Infowars.com/show to catch the hottest midterm updates while dodging Big Tech censors and fake polls. Vital issues like illegal immigration, jobs, trade with China, and the sanctions against Iran will be covered throughout this special broadcast; all while Trump stands strong against the fast-approaching migrant caravan.

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