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Tommy Robinson

Alex Jones – 2019-Jul-08, Monday

On this Monday Live Show Alex Jones is joined by Tommy Robinson who is seeking asylum from President Trump, Carpe Donktum discusses his recent visit to the white house, and Gerald Celente covers the newest trends in world markets. [mp3-jplayer width=”100%” height=”80px” dload=”y” captions=”Click Play Button on the right to Listen. Tip: Click/drag the timeline […]

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Alex Jones Show Podcast and Live Stream

Alex Jones – 2018-Aug-22, Wednesday

August 22nd: Don’t Retain! – After his former lawyer pleaded guilty to tax evasion, bank fraud, and campaign finance violations, President Trump “strongly suggested” to the nation “don’t retain the services of Michael Cohen!” The guilty plea has sparked another liberal meltdown calling for Trump’s impeachment. A source close to the White House confirmed that

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