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Alex Jones – 2017-Sep-21, Thursday

Alex Jones Show Podcast and Live Stream

Thursday, September 21st: MSNBC Says Using Word Sovereign Is Evil – Brian Williams of MSNBC is worried that President Trump’s use of the word ‘sovereign’ during his UN speech was some sort of signal to the international community. James Clapper admitted on CNN that Trump could have been surveilled under the wiretapping of Paul Manafort. Also, Hurricane … Read more

Alex Jones – 2017-Sep-20, Wednesday

Alex Jones Show Podcast and Live Stream

Wednesday, September 20th: Hillary ‘Paul Revere’ Clinton – Hillary continued her ‘won’t shut the hell up or go away’ tour on The Late Show, declaring to the country she is the modern-day Paul Revere. And mother nature wreaks havoc close to home with Puerto Rico taking a direct hit from Hurricane Maria and a 7.1 … Read more

Alex Jones – 2017-Sep-19, Tuesday

Alex Jones Show Podcast and Live Stream

Tuesday, September 19th: Trump visits the UN to declare the globalist body will no longer enrich itself at America’s expense. Gab CEO Andrew Torba joins today’s show to discuss how tech giants like Google are threatening to shut down his pro-free speech website in the name of fighting “hate speech.” Nature’s Brands CEO Marc Gonsalves … Read more