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Alex Jones Show Podcast and Live Stream

Alex Jones – 2018-Jul-20, Friday

Friday, July 20th: World Economy Exploited – President Trump called out China and the European Union for manipulating their currencies while America’s dollar becomes stronger. Trump said America should be allowed to “recapture what was lost” from the illegal activity that took away America’s competitive edge. Also, Ecuador is reportedly ready to hand over WikiLeaks […]

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Alex Jones Show Podcast and Live Stream

Alex Jones – 2018-Mar-12, Monday

Monday, March 12th: Tommy Robinson Fights Antifa! – UK border authorities ban conservative journalist Lauren Southern from entering the country for criticizing Islam during a previous visit to the United Kingdom. Also, President Trump lets states decide on gun purchase age restrictions. Joining today’s conversation is British free speech activist Tommy Robinson to discuss the UK’s Orwellian censorship laws. Mike

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