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Alex Jones Show Podcast and Live Stream

Alex Jones – 2018-Jul-12, Thursday

Thursday, July 12th: Stormy Daniels Arrested – Porn star Stormy Daniels was arrested for allegedly fondling undercover law enforcement officers in a strip club. Her Lawyer says the whole affair is a complete waste of resources. Also, jobless claims plunge back to May’s record low. Correspondingly, Trump’s popularity soars amid mainstream media’s bias against him. Joining today’s […]

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Alex Jones Show Podcast and Live Stream

Alex Jones – 2017-Oct-19, Thursday

Thursday, October 19th: Clinton, Dems Collude With Russia – It’s becoming well known that the Clintons, as well as other Democrats, have been colluding with Russians for years on numerous business deals which are detrimental to US interests. The mainstream media has been ignoring this fact while projecting their crimes onto President Trump. Lindsay Grathwohl,

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