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William Gheen


Alex Jones – 2019-Feb-21, Thursday

Thursday, February 21st: Smollett Surrenders – “Empire” actor Jussie Smollett surrendered to authorities after being charged for filing a false police report. Chicago police are slamming Smollett’s “publicity stunt” that took advantage of innocent people. Moreover, CNN is running defense for Smollett by saying it’s not his “fault” he lost the court of public opinion. Today’s in-studio […]

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Alex Jones – 2019-Jan-29, Tuesday

Tuesday, January 29th: FaceTime Spying – Apple’s FaceTime is able to access the phone’s microphone and camera without the user’s knowledge or consent in what is now officially being described as a “bug.” Infowars.com reported on this glaring security concern over 12 years ago. Across the Atlantic, an Italian politician said evidence is likely to emerge showing

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