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Alex Jones – 2018-May-23, Wednesday

Alex Jones Show Podcast and Live Stream

Wednesday, May 23rd: Chinese Sonic Attack? – A US government worker in China suffered a brain injury after experiencing “abnormal, sensations of sound and pressure” in what appears to be a sophisticated audio attack using sonic waves. The American embassy’s health alert instructed people to move away from “unusual sounds or piercing noises.” Joining today’s show is … Read more

Alex Jones – 2017-Dec-05, Tuesday

Alex Jones Show Podcast and Live Stream

Tuesday, Dec. 5th: Panic of the Elites – Special counsel Robert Mueller is going above and beyond the “Russian collusion” scope to find anything they can use against Trump as the elites panic, realizing their control over humanity is coming to an end. They’ve already lost the narrative ever since the public became aware of Mueller’s own … Read more

Alex Jones – 2017-Sep-26, Tuesday

Alex Jones Show Podcast and Live Stream

Tuesday, September 26th: Mr. Stone Goes To Washington – Roger Stone delivers a statement to the House Intelligence Committee today at Capitol Hill. Dr. Ron Paul joins the show to give his take on the current situation with North Korea and more. Jack Posobiec will be in studio to discuss the ‘take a knee’ NFL protests, the Trump-Russia witch hunt and … Read more